Hey guys!

Recently, I came across KiraReadsBlog‘s blog (check her blog out!) and found a quiz that she’d done from Buzzfeed. I love Buzzfeed and thought this tag would be fun:) Thanks Kira for letting me do this quiz as well!


I love hardbacks because they are so easy to open without wrecking the spine and are so beautiful (especially if the cover has glitter, is shiny or had some sort of 3D touch), but I love paperbacks for their practicality and how inexpensive they can be. I think I’ll go with paperbacks as I have grown to love them over the years.


Definitely Harry Potter, even though I am guilty of not reading both series! (I know! Please don’t kill me! I’m reading HP next year!) I’ve seen some of the Harry Potter movies but I haven’t seen any LOTR movies, so that’s the main reason why I choose Harry Potter.


OMG, this is a hard one because I haven’t read any of these author’s books. (guilty as charged!) As a kid, I didn’t really like scary things, so Goosebumps was a no-go-zone, and even as a teenager, I’m kinda intimidated by Stephen King’s books. So neither I guess!


Can I choose Sci-fi fantasy books?! This is hard because my favourite series is The 5th Wave, but I’m currently reading TMI and TID and LOVING IT SO MUCH! I think I have to choose fantasy though because I love all the different worlds a fantasy book can take you. But sci-fi is a close second!


I’ve enjoyed reading outside in the past, especially when it’s sunny, but reading inside wins for sure! My favourite place to read is my bed, but occasionally, I like to sit by a window when it’s sunny to read.


Hands down, TWILIGHT! I have not read 50 Shades and plan not to anytime soon. Maybe it’s because I’m too young, but it’s just a turn-off for me. Don’t get me wrong though; I love fanfiction. Just not like this.


I’ve never shopped online for books but would love to as usually, it is a lot cheaper than instore. But nothing matches the feeling of walking into a bookstore and smelling all the new, untouched books lined up on the shelves!!


Another set of books I haven’t read….no surprise there! I’ve heard good and bad things about both novels so I’m unsure what to choose. SKIP!


I’m not really a non-fiction fan. Like I don’t enjoy reading biographies or historical or informative books. FICTION ALL THE WAY!!!


I used to always doggy ear my books, but now I can’t bring myself to do it. #bookmarksarelife They are much pretty anyways.


I love both author’s books so much! Though when I was growing up, I read more Dr. Seuss than Roald Dahl. I just remember trying to do all the rhymes and tongue twisters and loving every second of it.


I haven’t downloaded an audiobook before, but I think I would prefer audiobooks, just because I have trouble concentrating when reading an eBook and my eyes get really sore. I also love listening to podcasts (especially “Hamilton the Podcast”!) so I think I would enjoy audiobooks!

This quiz was so fun and it was hard to choose between the two options! Thanks again to KiraReadsBlog and Buzzfeed for allowing me to do this quiz! Feel free to do it yourself or comment which ones you agree with!

Have a magical day,

Jess xoxo


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