Movie/Music/Makeup Mondays || New Blog Segment

Hey guys! 

When I started my bookstagram, I came up with the name “Books and Bobs“. I wanted to share my photos of books and other things I love with the world of bookstagram. So ‘Books’ would mean books and ‘Bobs’ would mean everything else.

And recently I haven’t been doing the ‘Bobs’ part.

So I thought I should bring it back and have a post every Monday/every second Monday dedicated to movies, music or makeup! (Three things I love other than books!)

I’ll be talking about book to movie adaptations, new movies, music I love to read to, songs that remind me of books etc.

If you’re interested, come back every Monday/second Monday to read my current faves and updates on movies, music and makeup!

Lots of Love,

Jess xoxo


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