My Favourite Books of 2016

Hey lovelies!

I read a total of 26 books this year! I loved most of them, but these ones are the top 5 I loved and stood out to me the most. These books I’ve chosen were not published in 2016 but I read them this year. This is in no particular order and I love these books *almost* equally!

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1 | The 5th Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey

I read this amazing trilogy this year and now I cannot stop talking about it! I read the first two books back to back and immediately read The Last Star when it came out and it was such an adventurous, emotional and thrilling ride. This was different sort of alien invasion book and it kept me questioning until the very end of the trilogy. I loved these books so much and am looking forward to rereading them hopefully sooner than later!


2 | We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

When I initially bought this book in Kmart for $9 (cheap ikr?!) I was not really expecting anything because the blurb is so brief and no one on booktube really said what it was about without getting spoilery. And then I read it. And it was phenomenal! It was a different and unique sort of contemporary novel, and a lot darker than what it seems. For being such a short book, it captivated me and surprised me. I even cried! We Were Liars was truly a novel that stayed with me even after months of finishing it.

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3 | City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

I couldn’t put the whole series on here because I haven’t finished it yet, but I thought “why not put my favourite book in the series so far?!” And that’s what I did! City of Glass is my favourite of them all so far – I’m currently about to start the 5th book! – because it was fast paced, emotional, action-packed and just so good! You can see the improvement in Cassie’s writing from City of Bones to City of Glass and she did a wonderful job! I will continue to love this series forever.

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4 | Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

I’ve never related to a character as much as I did to Emily. I wasn’t expecting SYBG to be amazing but it turned out to be what I always wanted from a contemporary novel. I have still yet to purchase this book myself as I read this novel using a library copy, and I’m looking for it everywhere. SYBG was a coming of age story that impacted my life because of how real Emily was and how she was/is a lot like me. I need to reread this book someday; I just loved it so much!


5 | Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

CURRENTLY READING THIS TRILOGY AND IT IS TRULY PHENOMENAL! I love the characters so much and the story is so magical and the setting is so magical and *sighs*. I loved this book so much! I love the way it is written and how the characters speak; I love the story that is being told; I love the unexpected and expected plot twists; and most of all I love how Cassandra Clare is so captivating and beautifully descriptive. I’m probably going to cry in Clockwork Princess as these characters are already almost making me cry. THEY WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!

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I rated all these book 5/5 books on Goodreads. I love them all to death and you should definitely read them if you haven’t already. If you have any common favourites, please fangirl with me below! A bookish cheers to an okay 2016 and hopefully a great 2017!



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