Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2017 || New Year, More Books (and more!)

Hey booklions!

Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a great New Year’s Eve and look forward to this new year.
I’m pretty excited for 2017 because so many things are going to happening/coming out, and I wanted to share with you guys today my top 5 bookish related things I’m anticipating in this new year! I’ll be posting another post about all the books (specifically) I’m anticipating next year later on in the week so stay tuned! But for now, these things range from books to movies to TV shows, so lets get into it>>>

1 | Shadowhunters Season 2

THIS COMES OUT TODAY AND I’M SO EXCITED! I didn’t watch season one when it initially came out, but I started after I read City of Ashes because I didn’t want spoilers. And even though it was extremely cringy at times, I like it way more than the movie. I love the cast – they seem so funny and nice people – and I can’t wait to see where this season goes because apparently it’s quite different from S1 and from what I’ve seen, it does seem less cringy! (which is always a good thing!) Comment below if you’re going to be watching season 2 as well!


2 | Because You Love To Hate Me: 13 Villainous Short Stories

I’ve been anticipating this anthology since it was announced and I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it comes out! If you don’t know what this anthology is about, it contains 13 short stories written about different infamous villains. The cool thing about this anthology is that the 13 authors were paired up with a different BookTuber to create their story about a villain. I love how they got BookTubers involved in this book and it shows how popular Youtube in the book community is, which is great! I’m super pumped for this to come out in July (I know, so far away!) and am counting down the days ’til it hits the stores!


3 | Beauty and the Beast

The trailers for this movie are so amazing. Emma Watson looks stunning (as always) and I’m just super excited to get another live action Disney™ movie! Beauty and the Beast comes out in March 2017 and I absolutely can’t wait! I hope I get to see it in cinemas because it would be magical, but if I don’t, I’m for sure getting it on DVD!


4 | Zenith

I’m so proud of Sasha and Lindsay! Finally a book by a Youtuber that is worth reading! I read the sampler eBook (and reviewed it!) and even though there were many flaws, the story is definitely intriguing me and the sampler made me want to find out more about what was going to happen. Also, I really wanna support them because they are amazing people and I’ve been watching Sasha for about a year. Congrats to Sasha and Lindsay for writing and publishing a book together! (and please Christine from PolandBananasBooks be next!!!)


5 | Wonder

When I heard about this book being made into a movie, I immediately had to IMDB it. And when I did, I found out that Daveed Diggs – a star from Hamilton the Musical – was starring in it and got really excited! I love Daveed and how he portrays characters and I can’t wait to see him being in a movie. Although I haven’t read the book, the message it gives speaks to me and I agree with what the book stands for; which is to not judge a person by their looks and that “beauty isn’t skin deep”. I hope this will be a powerful movie and I am anticipating it immensely!


Now that 2017 is here, I’m even more excited for these things to come out! Let me know if you share the same excitement as me on any of these movies/books/tv shows and if I missed any of your most anticipated bookish thing of 2017!

Keep On Reading,


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