My 8 Most Anticipated Releases of 2017! || New Year, More Books

Hey booklions!

This is another post in my “New Year, More Books” segment I’m doing over the course of the last weeks and first week in 2016 and 2017! There are many fabulous books coming out in 2017; first books, sequels, conclusions, oh my! Here are my top 8 most anticipated releases of 2017!(in no particular order) Get excited!

*Disclaimer: There will be a lot of sentences in the next paragraphs that repetitively say “super excited”, “anticipating”,”super pumped” etc, so please read with that in mind!:)*

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich31145148

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The start of the synopsis sounds pretty generic, but when I read about it further and read some reviews, I found myself loving the concept more and more. The author is taking the typical and overused YA troupe of a love triangle and creating a diverse book about it. If you didn’t know already from the synopsis, I think the boys start to get feelings for each other, which in the story is terrible, but in real life the portrayal of gay men is important to our society. I love that this book has a diverse twist to it and I’m super excited for it to come out! The Love Interest hits shelves on May 16th 2017.

Nemesis by Brendan Reichs

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This book is so intriguing that it’s too complicated for me to explain.
I think Nemesis is a YA Thriller, which is a genre that I haven’t even tried to read before, but I am super pumped for this to hit the shelves! The story seems so complicated and linked together that I’m almost positive there will be major cliffhangers in here! Nemesis hits shelves on March 21st 2017.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

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Another diverse book that is highly anticipated in the book community! The Hate U Give seems like it will be a very necessary read in 2017, with the basis of the story on a topic so recent in the media/world. And you know a book is going to be good when the rights to the movie are already sold before the book is even released!! And Amandla Stenburg is going to be starring in it! (she is actually killing the game rn, with 2 other movies in the works!) So excited for this book and the diverse points of view it will bring! The Hate U Give hits shelves on February 28th.

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

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I have yet to read More Happy Than Not, but I am super excited for History is All You Left Me to come out! I feel like 2017 is the year for diverse books because this novel is one and it is also an #ownvoices book. The way the story is going to be told is kind of different from your average book because I’ve heard is going back in time and also stays in the present. I think this book will be quite touching and a special one of mine. History Is All You Left Me hits shelves on January 17th or February 9th.

The Lost Book of the White by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

*cover yet to be revealed*
Goodreads Page

When I saw that Cassie was writing this book, I almost died. A Magnus Bane Trilogy?! Coming out in 2017?! YAS!!!! please give it to me now. I hope you don’t have to read all the books in the Shadowhunter Chronicles before reading this new Magnus trilogy! Because then I won’t get to it until next year:( but I’m still really really really excited and anticipating this book. More than Lord of Shadows! (because I haven’t read Lady Midnight:/) The Lost Book of the White hits shelves sometime in November.

Empress of A Thousand Skies by Rhonda Belleza

30269126Goodreads Page
This book sounds so interesting and complicated. Like the synopsis doesn’t make sense but it intrigues me. Also that cover tho! 😍😍😍 People have said that Empress of A Thousand Skies is an action packed and diverse novel which I’m all for, and the main character is badass! I wanna get more into sci-fi next year, so I hope to be reading this one as well. It is also said to be the first book in a stunning duology which I’m super pumped for!! Empress of A Thousand Skies hits shelves on February 7th.

Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

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Flame in the Mist sets up to be a sort of Mulan retelling, which I’m all for because Mulan is a diverse woman who is so badass and pretty independent! The cover is another GORGEOUS one and I can’t stop looking at it!😍😍😍 I think this is going to be apart of a duology or something?! I don’t know but I need more amazing covers and stories so kinda praying it will be longer than a duology. Though I have not yet read Renee’s other duology, The Wrath and the Dawn, I am planning to hopefully this year or the next. Highly anticipating this book!!! Flame in the Mist hits shelves on May 16th.

Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

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This is probably my most anticipated release of 2017!! I absolutely loved Rebel of the Sands because it was diverse, action packed, badass and beautiful (cover!). I also need need NEED to buy it for myself because I read it through my library and the cover is too gorgeous not to get! Traitor to the Throne is the sequel to the thrilling Rebel of the Sands and I cannot wait to see what happens to the characters. Traitor to the Throne hits shelves on February 2nd.

So those are all the books I’m anticipating the most in 2017 and I hope I get the chance to read them all this year and if not, early next year!

What books are you most anticipating? Let me know if we share any of the same!?

Happy Reading, 3


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