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I was reading Cait @ Paper Fury’s post about her book buzzwords and it got me thinking about my own ones. Doing the Down the TBR Hole challenge every week has made me extremely critical about what I like in a novel’s plot, and so I came up with a short list of my bookish buzzwords and ‘buzz-offs’. I also want to start making more discussion/list posts on this blog (as well as reviews, tags, monthly posts etc…) and I hope you guys enjoy my first discussion!

For me, a novel is either a hit or a miss. Usually, it’s a hit (a reason why my TBR is so large and I have trouble deciding if I want to remove a book from my TBR or not). I like many genres and storylines, and the more I read, the more I know what my tastes are for books.

There are SOOO many new books coming out each month + older books that I have not read, and with so much hype around it’s easy to get caught up in a swirl of books you actually have no interest in. But lately I’ve actually been really good at avoiding ‘adding books to my TBR because my favourite booktuber liked it’ and/or ‘adding book to my TBR because everyone is reading/talking about it’.

I now present to you my main buzzwords I’m trash for and buzz-offs that I would like to stay away from…….


  • DIMENSION/UNIVERSE/WORLD/REALM JUMPING OR TRAVELLING. I have WAY too many of these types of books on my TBR that I have not read yet, but I know I will love them all. I also want to be able to travel through dimensions.
  • DANCE. I love to dance and love to watch dance. I also love to read about dance. Please authors make more dance novels. I will buy them all.
  • LGBT+ RELATIONSHIPS. I’m all for these diverse novels!! There are so many right now that I could probably swim in a pool of LGBT+ books! (i would if no paper cuts were involved)
  • NEPHILIM. Look at what Cassandra Clare has done to me. I’m trash for everything Nephilim.
  • VICTORIAN LONDON. Look at what the Infernal Devices has done to me. #QueenVictoria
  • CASSANDRA CLARE. Look at what the Shadowhunter Chronicles has done to me. Please give me all of her books!
  • MYSTERIOUS SYNOPSES. They just drawn me in, okay?! I have a habit of being curious and nosey. I need to know what happens.
  • COMING OF AGE. I don’t know why, but I tend to always go for coming of age stories. Maybe it’s because they’re so relatable to me right now…
  • NEW YORK. Please give me every book set in New York. I really want to go someday and I guess reading a story in New York is like being in New York, right?
  • ASIAN REP. #AsianSquad represent!!!!

Plus a bunch more!


It’s not always I don’t want these types of books (sometimes a book might have a mixture of buzzwords and buzz offs) but generally I don’t like when books involve the following things:

  • CIRCUS. I don’t know why, but I have NO interest in reading a book with a circus in it. No matter the hype, there hasn’t been one book with a circus that I have liked the synopsis of.
  • SAPPY LOVE TRIANGLES. Not all books with 3 people in love are ‘love triangles’. And you can just tell if a love triangle is going to be SAPPY AF. They usually include a bad boy and a good boy, and the girl has a difficult time figuring out who she loves more.
  • DYSTOPIANS WHERE PEOPLE LIVE IN THE ‘WILD’. I’ve read a couple of these and it’s SOOooOo cliche and obvious.
  • JOHN GREEN. Sorry but I have no interest for his books besides the ones I’ve read.
  • SPORTS. If I don’t play sports/watch sports in real life, what makes you think I want to read about sports? Anything football, cricket, soccer, etc is a no-no for me.
  • ‘FORBIDDEN LOVE’. The Romeo and Juliet trope of forbidden love is overdone. Please stop.
  • YOUTUBER ‘LIFE STORY NOVEL’. Don’t get me wrong, I want to support my favourite Youtubers. But come on, you’re like in your twenties and you’re writing a biography. (also biographies are a rarity for me)


Do you agree with any on my list? What’s one thing that you are utter trash for in a book, and one thing that makes you roll your eyes at a book? I’m really curious!!

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