Kiss, Marry, Cliff: Shadowhunters Edition! – City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

In honour of me completing TMI and TID, I took inspiration from Sarah @ Written Word Worlds and decided to play a little game of Kiss, Marry, Cliff! (this is me getting out of writing a review because my heart and brain cannot think of any words to express my love for these books.)

I’ll also be including a mini review of City of Heavenly Fire at the end if anyone is interested! (this is also me trying to not disappoint others and actually trying to form words.) 

Here is Sarah’s explanation of the game if you are unsure what it is:

If you haven’t seen this thing floating around on the internet or haven’t played it yourself (sometimes it’s called different things: Kiss, Marry or Kill, or more explicit variations), three people or characters are chosen and you have to decide whether you’d kiss them, marry them, or push them off a cliff. All good-naturedly, of course! – Sarah @ Written Word Worlds

I put a bunch of random Shadowhunter characters from TMI and TID (Shadowhunters, Downworlders, angels and demons!) in a cup, pulled three out at random, and answered if I would kiss, marry or cliff them…and here are my answers!!

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Clary Fray | Magnus Bane (High Warlock of Brooklyn) | Valentine Morgenstern

Kiss: This was so hard because I love Magnus and Clary so much! But I have to go with Magnus because Malec is life and he is a freewheeling bisexual after all. He would totally be up for it XD

Marry: Clary will be my partner in crime! And not as in my parabatai! I think she would make a pretty good wife TBH<3

Cliff: Valentine freaking Morgenstern. This is a no brainer!!!

Maureen (Vampire) | Sebastian Morgenstern |
Consul Wayland

Kiss: I don’t want to be kissing an old Consul, so kissing Sebastian it is. I don’t think it would be all that bad, and I do have a little sympathy for him because of what happens in COHF. (no spoilers here!)

Marry: I guesssss I have to marry Consul Wayland, despite how much of a jerk he is. I would probably end up requesting a divorce after one day though.

Cliff: Maureen needs to be tamed!!! She gets the cliff.

Alec Lightwood | Angel Raziel | Gideon Lightwood

Kiss: Which Lightwood???!!!!! Maybe Alec because he belongs with Magnus and I don’t want to ruin their relationship<3 Does that mean I’ve kissed both Alec and Magnus now?? 😂

Marry: Gideon is such an awkward little sweetheart. It would be an honour to marry a cute, equally-awkward, scone hating guy like Gideon Lightworm….I mean Lightwood.

Cliff: Goodbye Angel Raziel. You cannot beat any of the Lightwoods except for Benedict maybe.

Angel Ithuriel | Lilith (Greater Demon) |
Jocelyn Fairchild

Kiss: oh crap I actually dislike them all tbh. Would probably kiss Jocelyn because she is the only ‘human’ in this situation.

Marry: Ithuriel, I guess? That angel is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cliff: LILITH!! She cannot live!

Jem Carstairs | Maia (Werewolf) | Inquisitor Aldertree

Kiss: Maia! I have a small girl crush on all the leading girls in TMI and Maia is no exception! XD

Marry: JEM!!! He was my first pick out of Will or Jem!! I love him so much and I think he would be a great husband<3

Cliff: Aldertree 100%. He was a ugly, annoying asparagus in TMI and he needs to go.

Jace Herondale | Camille (Vampire) | Mortmain (stupid mundane man)

Kiss: I wouldn’t want to in a million years, but since I have to choose, I’ll say Camille. I just hope she wouldn’t bite me and make her my sire.

Marry: JACE!!! I actually am not a DIE HARD fan for Jace, but I do love him enough to marry him<3

Cliff: Mortmain was one DESPERATE mudane who deserves to be cliffed.

Tessa Gray | Will Herondale | Simon Lewis (a legit god)

(this round is the death of me. how does one choose?)

Kiss: Will because he is one cute british fictional cupcake.

Marry: Simon because he is one cute american fictional cupcake.

Cliff: Befriend: Tessa because she is one cute british/american hybrid who loves books and is such a lovely soul.

Seelie Queen | Izzy Lightwood | Jessamine Lovelace

Kiss: Jessamine, only because of something that happens in Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly. (no spoilers again!) I think Jessamine was just born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Marry: Izzy because she is bae. She’s so badass and sweet and beautiful! I just love her so much! She is my ultimate fictional woman crush<3

Cliff: Seelie Queen because she is one annoying shrub.

Those were my answers to the randomly selected trios! I had sooOOO much difficulty trying to figure out answers for these! It teared me apart. Do you agree with my choices? Who would you kiss, marry and cliff out of Tessa, Will and Simon? Let’s discuss in the comment section!

My Review

City of Heavenly Fire was phenomenal and I loved every second of it! Fortunately, the ending wasn’t a complete cliff hanger or else I would be incredibly angry at Cassandra Clare. COHF was heartbreaking, hilarious, suspenseful and just overall really enjoyable. Cassie did a fantastic job wrapping up this series, though somethings were left undiscussed. I’m excited to continue on in the ShadowWorld and pick up Lady Midnight later on in the year!

My Rating: 5/5 Stars!

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