Top 10 Anticipated Releases of 2017 || July – December

I realised I did mostly January – June new releases in my earlier 2017 Anticipated Releases post.

And there are SOOO many exciting books coming out in the July – December that I wanted to share and fangirl with you all! So I decided to make another 2017 Anticipated Releases post where I’ll be sharing 10 books (I wish I could do more!) I’m hecka excited for (but probably won’t be able to read) that are coming out in July through to December. I’ll be writing a short paragraph about why I’m excited for these books as well! Comment below if you’re anticipating any of these books too and whether you found out about any new books I’ve listed. Also comment one of your anticipated releases!

These books are in order of publication date that is according to Goodreads!

1 ⏐ The Color Project by Sierra Abrams

22892448Release date: August 17th 2017
I’m so excited for Sierra’s book to come out! It sounds like a novel that will make me laugh and cry at the same time, which, in my opinion, is the best kind of book! Sierra is such a lovely person, and you should definitely go support her by buying and reading her book when it comes out! Also the cover is TO DIE FOR!!!

2 ⏐ Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

29749085Release date: August 31th 2017
I still have yet to read Leigh Bardugo’s books, even though they are kind of high of my TBR list! And Wonder Woman is just another Leigh Bardugo book to add to the tower that is my TBR. I also recently saw the Wonder Woman movie and LOVED IT!!! I don’t usually enjoy superhero movies, but this one is just so entertaining and devastating!

3 ⏐ They Both Die At The End by Adam Silver

35216509Release date: September 5th or 7th 2017
Adam’s books are always going to be on my Goodreads lists, whether they are read or to-read; I want to read them all! This novel is particularly interesting though because the concept of knowing when you are going to die and how to spend your last day is intriguing to me and I look forward to diving right into this one, hopefully after I’ve read History Is All You Left Me!

4 ⏐ Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart

33843362Release date: September 5th 2017
I loved E. Lockhart’s other popular novel, We Were Liars and I’m hoping to enjoy this one as well. It’s another book of hers that doesn’t really have much of a synopsis and I’m hoping it will surprise me with a twist like We Were Liars did!

5 Rebel Seoul by Axie Oh

34931621Release date: September 15th 2017
I’M ALL ABOUT THAT ASIAN MC REP!! I haven’t seen many Asian MC sci-fi novels, so obviously I’m super excited for this one to drop.

6 Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

33784373Release date: September 19th 2017
I read Stalking Jack the Ripper earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it! I actually didn’t know it was going to be a series because the story ended on such a good note, but I’m glad we’ll be able to continue reading about Audrey Rose’s adventures!

7 Invictus by Ryan Graudin

33784362Release date: September 26th 2017
I’m ashamed that I haven’t read any of Ryan Graudin’s books! She has written novels that highly interest me (mainly Wolf by Wolf) and this one is no exception. Time travel is a fascinating concept and I can almost never reject a time travel novel! I can’t wait for this to come out!

8 Like Water by Rebecca Podos

31556136Release date: October 17th 2017
I have to admit, the cover first drew me to the novel! I don’t remember how I found this one, but there is definitely not a lot of buzz about it in the online book community. Especially since it seems like it would be a fantastic book with a bisexual MC, it should be getting more hype!

9 Dear Martin by Nic Stone

24974996Release date: October 17th 2017
I found out about this book through everyone’s book hauls from BEA/BookCon! It seems like a really important novel about the BlackLivesMatter, similar to The Hate U Give, but this time the main character is a guy. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this one!

10 Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

33275690Release date: December 26th 2017
Emma Mills has written a few books now, but they haven’t really interested me as much as this one did! I love participating in school productions and plays, and the words ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ caught my eye immediately! Super excited for this one to hit shelves!!


What books are you looking forward to in the second half of 2017?? What’s your most anticipated release? Have you already read your most anticipated release? Tell me in the comments!

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