New Trailers! || Movie Mondays

Hey guys!  It's Monday, so that means my very first Movie/Music/Makeup Monday blog post is here! This week I'll be talking about new trailers that dropped last week! The first trailer that I saw was the Beauty and the Beast trailer that dropped 6 days ago. It was so good!!! And now I'm even more … Continue reading New Trailers! || Movie Mondays


Movie/Music/Makeup Mondays || New Blog Segment

Hey guys!  When I started my bookstagram, I came up with the name "Books and Bobs". I wanted to share my photos of books and other things I love with the world of bookstagram. So 'Books' would mean books and 'Bobs' would mean everything else. And recently I haven't been doing the 'Bobs' part. So … Continue reading Movie/Music/Makeup Mondays || New Blog Segment