Listening to Music While Reading || Music Mondays

Hey friends! I used to not like listening to music while reading before. It always distracted me, especially if it was one of my favourite songs. But recently, since I've started getting into eBooks, I've been starting to listen to music while I read. I usually read eBooks on my iPad and occasionally my phone … Continue reading Listening to Music While Reading || Music Mondays


Movie/Music/Makeup Mondays || New Blog Segment

Hey guys!  When I started my bookstagram, I came up with the name "Books and Bobs". I wanted to share my photos of books and other things I love with the world of bookstagram. So 'Books' would mean books and 'Bobs' would mean everything else. And recently I haven't been doing the 'Bobs' part. So … Continue reading Movie/Music/Makeup Mondays || New Blog Segment